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Women like silent men. They think they're listening.
-- Marcel Archard
MB Software builds majority of the custom software applications using Microsoft's cutting-edge technologies. MB Software has particular expertise in:
  • ASP.NET: A set of web development technologies that programmers use web applications. This is the latest incarnation of Microsoft's middleware for the Internet. ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework.
  • ASP: Or 'Active Server Pages' is a Microsoft Technology that is used to make dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • VB.NET: An object-oriented computer language that can be viewed as an spiritual evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) implemented on the Microsoft .NET framework.
  • VB: A popular Microsoft programming language used by software vendors and developers to build graphical client application interfaces. This is the older version of VB.NET but is still strongly embraced by a lot of businesses.
  • SQL Server: A widely used Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS). It was designed for client/server use and is accessed by applications using SQL.
  • Access: Although not as robust as SQL Server, Microsoft Access is a relational database management system from Microsoft, packaged with Microsoft Office Professional which combines the Jet relational database engine with a graphical interface. The development environment provides productivity-enhancing features for both advanced developers and beginning users. It can use data stored in Access/Jet, SQL Server, Oracle, or any ODBC-compliant data container.
  • VBScript: Short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition, a scripting language developed by Microsoft and supported by Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser.
  • HTML: The coding language used to create Hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web .
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet): A standard for specifying the appearance of text and other elements.
  • JavaScript: A programming language that is used to add features that make web pages more interactive.
  • DHTML: Refers to web pages that use a combination of HTML , JavaScript , and CSS to create features such as letting the user drag items around on the web page.
  • XML: A widely used system for defining data formats.
  • XSLT: eXtensible Stylesheet Language is a method of transforming XML into other another format, such as HTML.
  • Flash: A bandwidth friendly and browser independent vector-graphic animation technology. As long as different browsers are equipped with the necessary plug-ins, Flash animations will look the same. In addition to animation, Flash can be used to make interactive applications.
  • ActiveX: A Microsoft programming architecture that allows programs to interact with other programs over a network, such as the Internet. The controls created with ActiveX enable developers to add extra capabilities to Web sites and/or desktop applications.
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